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Reuben Chavez 


International Sports Performance Therapist 


"Get you in the Game when it matters the  Most"

My name is Reuben Chavez, International Sports Performance Therapist and CEO of Game Day Results, a licensed mobile business that serves Nevada, with a mission “to get athletes in their top performance for when it matters most, Game Day”.

    I obtained my Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology and dual certification as a massage therapist in 2012. Following, I worked directly underneath Scott Pensivy, one of the top Las Vegas physical therapists from 2012-14, before accepting an overseas position with the Chinese Basketball Association. Amongst my return home from China, I have worked exclusively with Bishop Gorman’s State championship team and other nationally ranked basketball players in Las Vegas. 


    My specialties and years of experience have given me an unparalleled advantage to understand the necessary actions to take for all injuries and preventative care for athletes. My specialties include Sports massage, Chinese cupping, gua-sha which is a form of breaking up scar tissue to increase circulation and flexibility, and Fascia Stretch Therapy a sequenced, rhythmic stretching for the entire body. I apply each modality as needed in my sessions to those athletes looking to increase their flexibility, range of motion, speed and overall performance. 

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