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About Lora

Lora is an intuitive and rare healer that has cultivated a lifelong journey of healing through varied holistic modalities. She has traveled into the Amazon rainforest to learn about sacred plant medicines, and applies her knowledge when customizing a complete spiritual and physical experience for your mind, body and spirit.  Lora is a certified USUI Reiki master and quantum touch practitioner with gentle psychic abilities. Her background is in mental health from Oneonta state university where she holds a B.S in psychology. In 2015, she became a 200YTT certified yoga instructor- specializing in Yin and Restorative yoga with incorporation of dOTERRA essential oils. Passionate about aromatherapy and connecting deeply to an Eastern philosophy of medicine-She educates her clients on how to incorporate aromatherapy into their emotional and physical health and wellness.
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"Guiding you back to your
state of being"

My Most Booked Treatments

Yoga with Props

90 Minute Soulreikignition Session

 Distance Session

Healing over the Cosmos 

Private & Group Sessions



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