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Lora Singer
energy in hands
Soul Reikignition
Click Me to Relax, Release and Renew with 45-90 mins of total body energetic realignment. 
Hi there and Welcome Home.
I am so glad you found me!
Your SOUL must be ready to heal.
My name is Lora and I am the owner and creator of SoulReikignition, a 
unique concept of Rediscovering your true, authentic self. 


My belief is that it takes the incorporation of 3 aspects to truly heal the SOUL.

Release of the Physical Body,

Renewal of the Spirit and a fierce determination of the Mind.

SoulReikignition is a truly 

individualized approach to healing. Since We are ALL unique pieces crafted from the same puzzle, Sometimes we require different tools from the same tool box! 

Using Natural healing modalities like Essential oils, Quantum touch, 

Resonance Healing, Sound Healing, 

Physical movement and Psychotherapy, I customize a complete spiritual and physical experience for YOUR healing process to be most effective, working distinctly with YOUR bodies special needs.. 


doterra essential oils
Essential Oil Packages

Click Me to Learn more about dōTERRA Essential Oils and how they can start you on a path to "Au Naturale" Health.

“ I am deeply passionate about incorporating multiple modalities of Natural healing into my practices and couldn't be more excited to share my Love for Going "Au Naturale!"

A mobile business in Houston that brings the healing to YOU!

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