Lora is incredibly intuitive, passionate about healing and very gifted! I have had the pleasure of 2 reiki sessions from her.  My Second session was a gift from Desiree Vargas as I was having some extreme anxiety issues from a possible severe surgery and I could not sleep. Lora came to my house! She applied some delicious dōTERRA medical grade essential oils to help relax me & then began. After 10 minutes I actually feel asleep. When I awoke, I was crying and releasing some obviously blocked emotions. After I felt totally balanced, refreshed and completely calm. I was able to function again without having panic attacks and sleep through the night. I was able to think clearly again and make decisions with a clear head.  I would absolutely recommended Loras services to anyone that just feels off. If you’re having emotional blocks, feeling sluggish or having chronic pain she can help you with her healing hands. Lora is Truly connected & spirituality gifted. 

Ali H. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

I did my First Reiki Session with Lora, and before I had never been exposed to energy healing. Lora Ensured I felt super Comfortable throughout the whole process. She was able to clear up any blockages I was experiencing while giving me insight on what may be going on with me. I felt light, at ease and more in tune with myself after the session. I will definitely be seeing Lora again soon and recommend her to everyone!

 Poonam M. 

Vancouver, Canada

Lora is an amazingly gifted and compassionate soul. She had made her lifes work from healing others and helping them to reveal their truth. To date, Lora has performed two awesome Reiki sessions on me. The first time was in person while I was traveling to Vegas for work when my mind and body were spinning out of control. She had such patience to take the time to do a full body scan and session to get my chakras back in order. Lora was also able to uncover the sources for my recent headaches and brought much awareness to where and how my body was storing current emotions. 

My second session was performed remotely (I live in New York). It was such an incredible experience feeling connected and tapped in to her positive energy from so far away. It was like she was there in the room!  Lora is truly gifted. She works magic with her hands and her joy in helping others shines from her heart. I absolutely recommend a session with her, whether near or far! Thanks Lora for sharing your gifts with me! 

Alison L. Singer


Lora has an incredible gift. I did distance Reiki with her after a traumatic surgery. She was able to tap into areas in my body that needed healing as well as help process and release some emotions holding me back from feeling my best. I’ve had other distance Reiki and no where near as effective or powerful as hers. I would highly suggest Lora if you need help healing any emotional or physical challenge. I can’t wait to experience her full package in person with aromatherapy and all! Your body and mind will thank you for being open to receive healing from Lora. I’m forever grateful to Lora for sharing her gift and light with me and others.

Jodi W.

Laguna, CA

I recently had a Reiki session with Lora. I had not been planning on a session but I was having a difficult day and her healing energy beckoned me. Being a healer myself, I have difficulty surrendering to other people and trusting in them. Lora put me at ease and I could feel her pure intentions and desire to help.  Once the session began, she focused all her attention and energy on me. I could feel heat from her hands and her body shaking as she helped remove any blockages from my chakras and body.  Once she got to my heart chakra, she could feel a blockage. I felt some pressure there and began to cry. After our session, I felt tired and very relieved. Since my session with Lora, I feel my heart chakra is more expansive and that my chakras are flowing properly. I feel more spacious inside.  I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck or having certain negative emotions arising. She will help you.

Kari W.

Las Vegas, NV

It was a pleasure meeting with Lora. Right away I could tell she has a passion for what she does. She has amazing energy and extreme knowledge on all of the benefits of doterra oils. My reiki session with her was quite an experience. She definitely found something inside of me and help me release it. Since our session I have felt more lively and open. She seems to be pretty intuitive and has a way to tap into your soul. I would definitely recommend Lora to all my friends and family and plan on working with her more in the future with Reiki and yoga.

Joe B.

 Las Vegas, NV

If you have never done reiki Lora is the women to book a session with. If you are familiar with reiki you will love Lora! She is so knowledge in many areas and is truly gifted.

I love how she comes to your home and I incorporates essential oils into the reiki. Oh and she also offers distance reiki! I have done both in person and distance reiki sessions with Lora. I highly recommend her!

Desiree V. 

Las Vegas, NV

My experience with Lora has been amazing with reiki and yoga. After receiving reiki from Lora, I feel any energy block become unblock. For me that’s mental, spiritual, physical, or emotional depending on what issues I’m seeing her for. She has helped me get through some tough times and has a gift in what she does. If you have pets she does pet reiki has well which is pretty cool.

               Her yoga !!!! I love how she uses oils in her classes and has the knowledge on which oils help the body. Not only are you taking an amazing class to zen out but she can also use oils in why your doing yoga. It’s getting pampered and putting in the work at the same time!!!! You have to experience Lora and the gifts she has to offer. Her love and passion is real.

Reuben C

Las Vegas, NV

I was not familiar with Reiki, so I was very curious what it could do for me. Lora was very warm and extremely thorough. There was an  immediate heart connection. Lora is extremely knowledgeable and after my very first treatment I felt results. I could even feel changes in my body during the treatment. I 

left feeling grounded and energized. 

Lora really took the time to personally connect with me, and I felt taken care of long after my treatment was over. I will definitely make Reiki apart of my self care routine.  Its a great way to get realigned.
Tracy C.

 Las Vegas, NV

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