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My Life as a Healer

I AM a Healer.  It is who I AM. Life path #8, Soul path #4, Human Design:Projector,  Medical Intuitive  Quantam Touch Reiki Master.

I was born into this lifetime a delicate soul- with a Grand mission to Love Unconditionally while Expanding my Consciousness and healing the world through healing myself.  

From an early age, I have been extremely sensitive to the frequencies of the planet- attracting many injured souls who crave deep healing into my energetic sphere.  Around age eight, I realized my Love for spending quality time with the people closest to me. I wanted to know their life story and offered my time and presence to anyone who needed it. Through these connections I began to realize I could feel the other person's emotional state and at times even knew on a subconscious level what they were thinking!

Have you heard of an Empath? That’s me! Being Empathic is similar to feeling sympathetic to a situation, however it kicks it up a notch! This ability means I can actually FEEL what you are feeling in my own body!

 From emotions to physical pain and disease- This love for understanding the human psyche led me to obtain a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology which furthered a deeper connection to mySELF.  Having this gift at an early age was never easy-yet it has allowed me to blossom into what I have become today 

A healer of many modalities!   

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