I have revolving AromaYoga Classes throughout the Las Vegas Area That you may attend!

Golden Nugget Spa & Salon 

Wednesday 6 pm  AromaYin and Meditation 60 minute class


TruFusion Blue Diamond

Sunday 7pm Yin and Guided Meditation 60 minute class

Tuesday 8:30pm Aroma Yin  45 minute class

$20 for your first lesson or $30/30 days!


Aromayoga in the Park ( New Series)

Monday 6pm  AromaYoga  Spring Valley Community Park  60 minute Class

$7-$10 drop in for Adults $4 children under 12

My Yoga Styles


Aromaflow for the soul is An all levels class dedicated to awakening the body with static stretching and dŌTERRA oils! This Aromaflow incorporates functional movement with Vinyasa and pranayama designed to slowly awaken the body from head to toe. Leave feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take on your day!


Come along on A Journey of the senses, in a specialty class designed to facilitate release of emotional blockages from within the mind, body and soul. Guided pranayama and dŌTERRA essential oils, allow you to Relax, Stretch, Twist, and Release stagnant energy and blockages within the body in an all-levels gentle sequence guaranteed to leave you refreshed, renewed and balanced.

    "Keeping it Au Naturale"

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    E. SoulReikignition@gmail.com

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